• Fried chicken wings with a crumble side dish
  • French fries with a tomato sauce dip
  • Celery and carrot sticks, with a side of sauce

Big Ez
Seafood & Wings

About us

  Welcome to the Big Ez Family and thanks for stopping by! I’d love to tell you our story on how we got started, but let me introduce myself first… My name is Thien, but most people call me Tim, and I started this crazy adventure with my cousin Nhu, the master mind behind our bomb-diggity flavors and sauces. 

   Growing up,-up our comfort food was always fried chicken and boiled crawfish. So simple, yet a million different ways to do it. Everyone has their own take on it and truly believes that theirs is the best, but we think we might have found the secret to it. Our homemade recipe consists of all of our friends’ and family’s recipes we’ve collected over the years and what really sets us apart from the crowd though, is our attention to detail. Twenty-four hour brining process, layered with a light batter, and a double fried method to really get that perfect crisp on the outside. Our love for flavoring, seasoning, and spice is, I dare say, unmatched. Of course, our homemade wing sauce is the main reason why it’s finger lickin’ NOLA chicken. 

   We’ve amazed our family and friends throughout the years with our homemade fried chicken recipes packed with flavor and just the right amount of heat. Now, we wanna share that same love with you guys, our wonderful customers, with the opening of our first wing location. We’re allowing y’all to have full reign, with a little fun, on how spicy y’all want your fried chicken. When it comes to heat, spicy is the perfect recommended amount, but if you’re looking to sweat a little, stupid spicy is definitely the way to go